Falcom Academy 「みんな集まれ!ファルコム学園」 Ep 1 -Falcom Characters, Assemble!-

[MT-InC] FalGak - 01 [163688E5].mkv_snapshot_00.47_[2014.01.12_22.17.47]#1: Falcom Academy Opening Ceremony (Mirrorcreator | MT -waiting for lisiting-)

This is just an anime short series so there’s no problem for me to take this series & in fact, I’m an avid fan of Falcom games! Finally after six days waiting for an English subbed episode because no one subbing it, the newly formed fansub group Falcom Sub Team jpk now willingly to pick it up so a big thanks to them!

So basically, this anime is an adaptation from the 4-panel comedy manga of the same name. That’s why it’s a short episode and since it’s a comedy genre & a spin-off series, don’t expect too much about the solid plot in this series. According to the synopsis at Anime News Network:

The warriors who have been warped by the rampaging power of “justice” have been summoned into the world of Xanadu. It’s up to Dark Fact, a former villain, and principal Lappi to reeducate these students.

Seriously, THAT Dark Fact will teach those people? I got a bad feeling about this LOL. Well, at least it’s really entertaining to watch simply because they’re doing their signature actions from the games, especially from Ys & The Legend of Heroes: Trails series. I can assure some people who haven’t play them totally don’t get the joke. I’ve played most of Ys games but I haven’t touch any Trails series yet so maybe I gonna play it after I finished Ys Seven and then Toal’s route in Ys Origin. Gonna start with Trails in the Sky 1st Chapter first.

I searched the full song of the OP and I found out that it came from the 1st album of Falcom’s jdk band which was released around ’90s I believe. That’s why this song was kinda like the ones from the ’80s which is a pretty cool song.

Apparently, this song is the arranged version from the main theme of Star Trader, the only space shooter game also made by Falcom that was released only in Japan on 1989.

To be honest, I started to play Falcom games last November I believe simply because I had read some positive reviews of the latest Ys: Memories of Celceta for PS Vita. I might buy it soon but before this, I chose Ys Origin as my 1st taste of Falcom game. Then, I couldn’t expect the story to be that good & seriously the gameplay itself is really fun to play. Even it has the finest & influential rock metal orchestral game soundtrack, plus it was fully made by Falcom Sound Team jdk/jdk band which is the company’s own music production group so they deserve a big appreciation from me. That’s why I played the other Ys games & it felt so good. So glad I picked up this kind of games which are pretty fun although it’s underrated for most people. If you feel like to try them, please don’t hesitate to try them! There’s a bunch of Ys games on Steam & PSP right now and don’t forget to try the other Falcom games.


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