BUDDY COMPLEX 「バディ・コンプレックス」 Ep 1 -An Invitation From The Future-

[MT-InC] BudCom - 01 [ABAD501C].mkv_snapshot_09.59_[2014.01.11_22.39.20]#1: Encounter (Mirrorcreator | MT)

My apologies for the delay simply because I waited for the better subs to come out. Apparently Anime-Koi took this series and the fansub quality is better compared to the ones I had before. So I have to redo the re-encoding procedures again with it. The same thing goes to Noragami too, FFF decided to take it.

Moving back to the main topic, the animation looks really nice so far. The plot in the beginning… Yeah, that kinda reminds me of so many mecha-genre anime series like Guilty Crown, Code Geass & Valvrave for example, the protagonist’s ordinary life changes drastically only because of the fateful encounter. Oh yeah speaking of Valvrave, I noticed that the appearance of 2 male protagonists Aoba & Dio are almost identical to Haruto & L-Elf. Oh Sunrise, is it some kind of spiritual successor to Valvrave perhaps?

But hey, I have a good impression about this. The story is interesting at least with that girl coming from the future & time traveling stuff and I like the action too. Good episode & I would like to see what will coming next.


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