Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 Ep 38 -The Ferocious Red-Haired Akashi-

[MT-InC] KuroBas - 38 [E716C1F1].mkv_snapshot_13.03_[2014.01.07_21.03.50]#38: Definitely This Time (Mirrorcreator | MT)

Y’know, there’s a difference between a red-haired & red-headed person. He’s pretty much reminds me of Adol ‘The Red’ Christin from Ys video game series since he is the only character that has red hair. He’s definitely a good red-haired guy in the first place, but this Akashi guy, he’s not Adol. He’s kinda like a ferocious red-haired guy LOL. And the red-headed person goes to Kagami of course.

I like this episode because of Hiroshi Kamiya’s debut as Akashi & The Generation of Miracles’ reunion. Honestly, I don’t like cliffhangers every time the match begins eventhough I like it. You’ll find it out later.

And the next episode begins with…. a brief recaps of course! They’ll like “OH, YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR MOAR KUROKO ACTION?? NOPE! WATCH THE RECAPS FIRST SUCKERS!!”. I can tell they might doing it again like the previous episodes to fill up the 24 min. screentime.


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