Little Busters! ~Refrain~ 「リトルバスターズ!~Refrain~」 Finale -A New Hope-

[InC] LitBusRef - 13 [9398CA07].mkv_snapshot_06.55_[2013.12.31_23.26.21]#13: Little Busters (Mirrorcreator | MT)

TIME FOR LITTLE JUMPER GUYS!! This is definitely my final post of 2013.The end of the year is just around the corner. So, year 2013 will be concluded with Little Busters! finale.


I just wanted to summarize this review since I had covered up about the character designs from the 1st season. 1st of all, the animation was nicely improved compared to the previous season. The scenes especially the disappearance of Kurugaya & the end of the dream world are the best in anime hands down simply because of the visuals & splendid voice acting that gave us the sad mood.

Apparently there were some anime-only soundtracks that never heard in the VN and actually not bad at all. But only my minor issue was the usage of appropriate musics in some scenes like the song ‘Song for friends’ as an example because for me, it’s only suited well with Kurugaya’s farewell scene but J.C. Staff used it again for some episodes & I felt that it was a bit off.

The plot adaptation was nicely done too. Only the negatives was they didn’t animate some heartwarming scenes from the VN which are kinda important. You probably knew already that they had shortened Riki and Rin’s daily routines in the deserted village after the escape part. Moreover, Rin’s ending wasn’t being adapted in order to end this season in 13 episodes.

My final scores for this anime:

  • Story (9.0/10)
  • Animation, Art & Design (8.5/10)
  • Music/Audio (8.0/10)
  • Overall (8.9/10)

Comparing both season 1 and season 2 in terms of story build-up, the winner goes to season 2, Refrain. Some people compared it with Angel Beats!, probably about the departure from the fantasy world. The fact is Angel Beats! came out after Little Busters! VN release date so consider it as the spiritual successor of LB!. And we will have the episodic VN of Angel Beats! soon.

I’ll re-encode the OVAs of EX routes too. So stay tuned guys. Lastly,  akemashite omedetou! Happy New Year 2014 & Happy Holidays! See you again next year which is tomorrow Wednesday LOL!


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