Comic Fiesta 2013 Impressions & osu! Q&A Panel Session with peppy (ppy)

logoIt’s been about a week from the day CF2013 was held. It was pretty much like the Comiket. The event ended with a huge success at about 40,000 visitors in total, that was a really huge number if you think about it. I did enjoyed it until I got myself tired after walking around the area since the event occupied 6 huge halls & all of them connected each other, can you imagine how huge the venue was…

Well, I attended some of the Q&A panel sessions during the event. There’s a session with livetune & redjuice from supercell but since the seats were limited & there were so many people want to get in, I just leave it. I’m sorry I didn’t took plenty of photos of the event because I was too busy re-uniting with my pals who came from far away. But I managed to catch a glimpse though so you can see it below here. The photo was taken at the doujin area & it was so crowded yo…

2013-12-21-877But now let’s get into the main topic. Have you played osu!? If you did, then you’ll probably know this guy here… Sorry lighting was not good there & no flashlights allowed…

2013-12-22-881Yup, he’s the one who started this game, Dean Herbert a.k.a peppy (ppy). As you can see the photo, he had his own Q&A panel session too & I attended as well. FYI, he said that it was his 1st panel session. Before this, I came to his booth to test out the osu!tablet that had been attached to the laptops there with USB. It’s similarly like the standard wacom tablet, only it’s osu! branded but you can use it to move the cursors smoothly especially in the standard osu! mode in the game.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring the session, peppy said that he’s working on with the upcoming update of osu!. The new welcoming addition is the Options feature in the form of standard sidebar or the Charms bar from Windows 8 so players can access it anywhere inside the game without having to backtrack to the main menu. He showed how it looks like but I forgot to take a photo of it. Right now the update is only available to osu! supporters. So if you guys wanna be the 1st person to try out this new update before anyone else, you have to be one of them which can be done right here. The rest of the presentations were about the origins of osu!, how it began & the challenges in developing the game which were pretty interesting to me since I did well in computer science field.

2013-12-22-883Then, there’s Q&A session & here’s some of the questions by the attendees. I hope I still remember those Q&A LOL & I have to summarize the answers according to my memory…

Q: Regarding osu! for Android & iOS support
A: There’s a mobile version of osu! called osu!stream for both platforms but it was developed by another team & he was only contributed some ideas for it. Still, there’s some Android devices that are having problems like app crashes, framerate issues, video playback & other minor things. iOS version couldn’t have custom beatmaps so you have to get the selected ones from the store. But still, both of them are still being maintained by other developers. (Android ver. | iOS ver.)

Q: Receiving DMCA notices
A: He admitted that he received those notices simply because of the usage of licensed musics in the beatmaps. Some beatmaps that available in the site didn’t have music due to this issue so the players have to download it separately & copy to the beatmap folder.

Q: The future improvements of the Ranking Chart system
A: He didn’t have time to look at it LOL. He said that there was someone who gave idea about the chart in the first place. So, it’s a system maintained by communities.

Q: Any new mode for osu!?
A: Apparently, he’s working on a new mode (but I already forgot what kind of mode is that). And yeah, he said it runs well too. (So I’ll look forward to it.)

Q: How did ppy got into the computer science field in the first place?
A: He began to code something since he was 3 years old. (Wow! That’s really young back then. I was getting into the computer thingy at the age of 9 though…) He used to create a text-based game with Commodore 64 and then he gave it to the other person for evaluation.

Q: Any plans to mass-produce osu!tablet?
A: Right now, he didn’t plan to mass-produce the device due to insufficient production costs. Moreover, it was recently announced but depends on how the tablet sold well, the mass-production might be considered. (Apparently there’s an official forum thread about the device right here so you guys might wanna check it out. The pre-orders were opened for osu! supporters.)

Q: Any ideas of making some merchandises based on the osu! mascot character?
A: No plans at the moment.

Q: About the osu! Wiki site
A: Like the Ranking Chart, he didn’t have time to maintain the site. The community is taking care of it.

Q: Any other projects by ppy?
A: There’s another project by him which is puush, but he said that he didn’t want to focus on the improvements of that project at the moment.

My Q: Any thoughts about publishing osu! to Steam? The fanbase might grow bigger…
A: He knew for a fact that Steam is a good platform to publish new games and make it well-known for most gamers. Plus it’s beneficial for both developers and users like the Steam Greenlight, Steam Workshop and the Steamworks API which consists of Steam achievements, leaderboards, cloud saves, anti-cheat & so on. Apparently, he considered the idea of publishing it to Steam but he stated that he didn’t want to do it at the moment. (Well, so hopefully osu! will made it soon…)

And there were some trivial questions too haha…

Q: peppy’s The Game of the Year 2013
A: He didn’t really play games recently but he revealed his favorite game of all time which is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Q: Opinion about Comic Fiesta 2013
A: Actually it’s quite lively, and the crowd movement is pretty smooth too unlike the overly-crowded Comiket. He did enjoyed it pretty much.

The osu! stage event was held before that, demonstrating the game in different modes.

OsuungimpedIf you haven’t played osu! yet, go get it now! It’s a really nice rhythm game for PC lately.


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