Christmas Gift #4 & Final: KILL la KILL ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK by Hiroyuki Sawano

SVWC-7973Apparently this soundtrack just released today, the Christmas Day according to cdjapan. This is such a coincidence though, so it’s a nice Christmas present for you! =)

Hiroyuki Sawano’s musics are so epic. He’s somehow like an oriental Hans Zimmer to me. We heard his music pieces from Attack on Titan and now he’s working for the craziest anime KILL la KILL. Although it’s crazy like FLCL & Gurren Lagann, but it’s really good in its own way. And his latest piece keeps getting better though.

The track names especially the non-vocals one, never stops amusing me… He’s well-known for the scrambled & cryptic track names. This is the final gift for Christmas & it’s much more better than the Golden Time gift just now LOL.

Track List:
1. Before my body is dry (vocals by Mika Kobayashi)
2. goriLLA蛇L
3. 犬Kあ3L
4. Blumenkranz (vocals by Cyua)
5. AdラLib
6. 鬼龍G@キLL
7. KILL7la切ル
8. Suck your blood (vocals by Benjamin Anderson & mpi)
9. Kiっ9=KEL
10. k1ll◎iLL
11. Light your heart up (vocals by Aimee Blackschleger)
12. 昼裸lilL♪
13. 斬LLLア生LL
14. キ龍ha着LL
15. I want to know (vocals by Benjamin Anderson)
16. 寝LLna聴9
17. Kiる厭KiLL
18. Till I Die (vocals by CASG(Caramel Apple Sound Gadget))

P.S.: I do not own the rights of this OST. This is just for sharing purposes only.


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