Persona Games Announcement -PQ, P4U2, P4D & P5-

UntitledWow, today Atlus announced 4 Persona games during the livestream. Here are the game lineups:


As you can see here, it’s a chibi version of Persona 3 & Persona 4 crossover game exclusive for Nintendo 3DS. Kinda reminds me of Disgaea character designs a little bit, plus with that Madoka Magica art style. Make sense right since it is made for a portable console like that. Looking at the battle system, it’s somehow similar with Etrian Odyssey. About the story, it’s not canon to the main series anyway so this is Persona spin-off game. Remember the rumors about Nintendo promised to bring a Persona game for 3DS? This is it guys. But regardless, it’s a good looking game for 3DS. Most hyped thing about this game: MINATO/MAKOTO & SHINJIRO IS ALIVE!


This might be called Persona 4 Arena 2 if released in the west. But anyway, it’s a sequel to Persona 4 Arena fighting game developed in collaboration with Atlus & Arc System Works, the creator of BlazBlue & Guilty Gear series. New characters introduced in this game are Yukari Takeba & Junpei Iori from Persona 3. Well this one is interesting, there is some speculations that Tohru Adachi might be a playable character by looking at the trailer & also at this image. Don’t know whether it’s true or not, but my hype is set for his appearance though! But how he ended up in the TV world anyway? Is there a TV placed in the jail?

The game will be released exclusively for PS3.



But honestly…. Seriously, I said honestly….. This is the weirdest Persona game that I’ve ever seen in my life. We already have a Persona fighting game, the 1st non-RPG Persona game & yet it’s still good. But yo, this rhythm game with Idolmaster x Project Diva mashups??  Well, it’s another collaboration game by Atlus and Dingo but here’s some interesting fact here. Dingo is a Japanese game developer well-known for its creation like Photokano & the most important, the Project Diva games. The funny thing is Dingo is somehow related with Sega since both of them involved in Project Diva game development. So my pointless assumption perhaps LOL, is Sega has tainted Atlus’ mind in some ways? It does make sense since Sega bought Atlus in the first place… But hey, I can’t wait to see those P4 characters dancing around especially Nanako and Dojima LOL. I can honestly say I love the music tracks made by Shoji Meguro but the presentation of this game is so unusual for a Persona game but oh well, it’s not that Atlus fully develop this game anyway since Dingo is taking care of it. Luckily, this game can prolong the Vita’s lifespan LOL!

So to sum it up, the first 3 games are just another addition to Persona 3 & Persona 4 series since both of them are the most popular Persona series, not to mention the ongoing Persona 3 the Movie: Spring of Birth. There are a lot of Persona marketing going on this month. Among all of the SMT related franchise, Persona is the most popular one since it’s aimed to younger audience. The livestream was worth to watch, especially the Adachi hype in P4U2. I might get that Persona Q too, it looks interesting. P4D, uhhh… it’s under consideration. It’s not that I don’t like it but, like I said it’s so unusual but on second thought, if it turned out to be a decent game, I might get it for the sake of the music of course. Shoji’s musics are so good.

But there’s one more game that was announced at the end of the livestream session. They did save the best for the last indeed. And that game will be……


It’s time to rejoice guys! The vibe is totally different from the previous series, I like that dark themes about slavery for this game. Does this teaser trailer made you gone hype for the next season? Exclusively for PlayStation 3. No PS4 release here.

P.S.: Ironically, none of these games will be released for Xbox consoles, neither Xbox 360 nor the new Xbox One. Xbox fans probably gone mad right now…


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