Kyoukai no Kanata 「境界の彼方」 Ep 8 -The Night of Lull- & More Persona Insanity

[InC] BeyondBoundary - 08 [AB268377].mkv_snapshot_03.54_[2013.11.24_11.59.02]#8: Golden Lull (Mirrorcreator | MT -shared listing-)

Right now, I don’t care about this episode, I care about tonight’s announcement from Atlus itself about Persona related stuff. So much hype is going on right now. They even doing some livestream countdown & talk shows while waiting for it. So I think they didn’t only announce a game only, but there are some revealed things or events during the countdown that foreshadow a new Persona game. So I hope they will not intend to announce Persona 5 as the sequel to Persona 4, I mean with the returning characters from P4. Sequels is OK in terms of timeline & universe but I want all new characters in each Persona series with a separate storyline & has ties with the previous series.

Catch up the latest update about tonight’s announcement and other related stuff right here:

UPDATE: In case if you want to watch the livestream Persona announcement tonight, you can go to the Twitch channel here, direct stream from the official Nico Nico livestream thanks to IshamaruIsorath. The livestream is over & I will post the games that were announced during that time. Stay tuned!


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