BlazBlue: Alter Memory 「ブレイブルー オルターメモリー」 Ep 1 -Ragna the Gag King-

[InC] BBAM - 01 [F3F54707].mkv_snapshot_17.48_[2013.10.12_02.11.39]#1: The Red Rebel (Mirrorcreator | MT -shared listing-)

Ragna made a big joke during the next episode preview but before I tell you, I wanna talk about this episode 1st.

Before I even watch this episode, I told you that this anime will cover up the Calamity Trigger storyline. I see that this anime didn’t adapt the Calamity Trigger Reconstruction storyline so far. That’s why this episode is kinda fast for me (because my 1st BlazBlue game I’ve played was Continuum Shift, didn’t play Calamity Trigger before, only played its remastered storyline from the Extend version). But when I watch the ED, I saw the characters that were firstly introduced in Continuum Shift. That means they will adapt Continuum Shift storyline right? And then I saw the other characters like Platinum, Valkenhayn & Makoto and even Relius himself?? But I couldn’t find Mu-12 there lol. Yo, they might do all of the stories from the CS Extend one…

The animation is mediocre. I laughed out really hard during the fight between Ragna & Jin especially when Jin threw an ice projectile towards Ragna. If you played the game, the projectile looks like a normal-sized ice sword but for this one, it’s only a tiny little ice LOL!!! I have no idea what were the animators thinking while doing this scene…

I’m glad that they pretty much reused & rearranged the game musics in this anime. The 1st episode is OK, but it’s a bit rush for me. That’s one of the risks they have to take while doing an adaptation from video games. They should give some explanation about the terminologies in this series especially for the ones who’s new in BlazBlue.

Regarding the big joke made by Ragna a.k.a Gintoki (because I couldn’t forget that Sugita’s voice as him LOL), he said that he will use his Azure Grimoire to fend off the curses on anime shows based on fighting games. Nice try Ragna with your attempt to replace Gintoki with your gag since your voice is similar with him LOL. I hope it will work in the upcoming episodes…


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