Attack on Titan 「進撃の巨人」 Season Finale -Anime of the Year?-

[InC] AttackGiants - 25 [61A79E6C].mkv_snapshot_06.12_[2013.10.03_18.22.02]#25: Wall -Raid on Stohess District (pt 3)- (Mirrorcreator | MT -shared listing-)


My mind was kinda blown up when they announced the anime adaptation of Attack on Titan and after that they revealed the 1st trailer. Everyone was so hype about it and thus it became the most anticipated anime this year. Do you remember back in the time when Sword Art Online anime announced and so many people were expecting it so much?

Then when I watch the debut episode, the cruel death of Eren’s mom chilled down my spine pretty much especially when that scene from the manga received anime enhancements.

The plot was so strong thanks to the author, Hajime Isayama for making the story and the production team did a pretty good job in adapting it into anime. During the first cour of the series especially the Defense of Trost arc, the story pace was a bit slow. However in the second cour, the story finally picks up. Regardless, I like it because at least it showed how realistic the situation that happened at the time.

[InC] AttackGiants - 25 [61A79E6C].mkv_snapshot_07.38_[2013.10.03_18.23.05]

Let’s say about the death scene of Levi’s comrade for example. You already knew that the power of teamwork & friendship didn’t help them during their encounter with the female-form Titan. In my opinion, that kind of thing rarely happens in most series. If you’re familiar with One Piece or Fairy Tail, they have so much nakama power there so it’s a bit unrealistic. But for this one, you can imagine their fear when they got involved in the worst case scenario. It’s like when you encounter the most ferocious tiger or lion or whatever carnivorous animals that exist in this world and during that time, you and maybe your friends are defenseless or not prepared for the outcome.

On the other note, they did some filler scenes in some episodes but hey, all of them were some nice additions in my opinion. I have to admit that there were some fanservice especially around episode 3-4 but it was not too generic like in some anime nowadays. All of them were pretty much enjoyable. Overall, almost all episodes in this series have some kind of serious atmosphere & unforgettable tragedy.

But enough talks about story LOL. The animation quality was pretty nice. Although there were plenty of still images in the early episodes, but the studio did that because they wanted to save budget to animate the mindblowingly episodes for the second cour. I love the animation during the battle with the Titans very much. And I forgot to mention that I like the comical creepy face design.

Finally the musics were beyond my expectations. Good job Hiroyuki Sawano. How should I say, more than epic right? Haha… You should listen to “attack ON titan” track, one of the OSTs for this anime. I knew him for the 1st time since Blue Exorcist & I began to like his musics from Guilty Crown.

I don’t know whether it just my intuition but for some reason, I can sense some Evangelion feeling with this series. It’s true that I can sense the similarities like the theme of psychology, violence & tragedy, not to mention the fight against the invaders like the Angels in Evangelion & the Titans in AoT. So, can AoT managed to beat Evangelion LOL?

So then, time for final verdict:

  • Story (9.5/10)
  • Animation, Art & Design (9.5/10)
  • Music/Audio (10/10)
  • Overall (9.5/10)

The other anime should follow this example. No cliche, pointless plot and generic fanservice with nice storytelling and acceptable character personality. This is what I call the true anime, the only type that I really want to watch.

Should we award this “Anime of the Year” perhaps?


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