Fall Anime 2013 Confirmed Plans

Before I publish the finalized review of Shingeki no Kyojin together with its final episode, I want to tell you guys about my re-encoding plans for this season, Fall 2013…

As you may already know, I did pretty much re-encoded Little Busters! & Kuroko’s Basketball as you can see at the Finished Anime list on the right side of the blog. The 2nd season for both anime will be aired this season. So, I’ve decided to do those sequels. I want to see how the anime rendition of Little Busters! Refrain arc will turn out. And I’m also looking forward to another basketball action from Kuroko’s Basketball 2nd Season. Hope they can beat Aomine’s team this time.

There will be 3 new anime that I wanted to do.

Kyoukai no Kanata: After all that testosterone in which were released from KyoAni’s “Free!“, they will showing this anime. It’s a supernatural anime this time so looking forward to this one. And Risa Taneda‘s in too. It’s been awhile since Shinsekai Yori ended last March.

BlazBlue Alter Memory: I think this anime will cover up the Calamity Trigger storyline pretty much. I don’t know whether Continuum Shift storyline will be a part of this anime but if it is, then how the production staff will adapt that game properly? Continuum Shift’s storyline is so complex with all those character routes and plot branches so I have worries for it because this anime might end up like Devil Survivor 2 anime if they mess up. You know that it’s really hard to adapt a game into anime, not to mention with the branching plots. Regardless, we can judge this anime later after we watch it LOL. I look forward to it and you should too only if you want to see the animated Noel Vermillion that bad… I have my own reasons to watch this anime, and one of them is because of Tomokazu Sugita LOL!

Golden Time: This light novel is pretty much written by the author of Toradora! novel series. I’m in for this anime & I see that Yui Horie‘s in this one too. So, let’s study the law shall we?


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