Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Playthrough -So Many Curses!!-

avgnimgThe image loading issues in WordPress were finally fixed. Anyway, here’s my 1st playthrough of AVGN adventures.

As a new player of this game, I found out that it’s inevitably hard! I feel like I’m being dragged into the nostalgic 8-bit era. You still remember this right, back in the day when you were frustrated in winning the game due to the crappy controls, graphic seizures & out-of-logic deaths. But this game doesn’t have all of those. In my opinion, the controls are fluid, textures are colorful for the 8-bit graphics & the deaths at least happened due to the player’s carelessness. The musics are also pretty catchy with that chiptune style. The only thing that makes you frustrating while playing this game is only the difficulty.

Regardless of many things in this game that try to kill you, this game is insanely fun! If you’re following the episodic AVGN series by James Rolfe which is now available to watch on Cinemassacre’s YouTube channel, it’s more fun that way so you can understand the jokes & characters of this game easily because most of them were featured in most of the AVGN episodes.

A big thanks to ScrewAttack Games & FreakZone Games for producing the one and only official AVGN game. This game is now available on Steam & it will be developed for consoles in the future!


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