K-ON! Hōkago Live!! Game Exhibition -Meanwhile From Nintendo…-

Before the next part of Koumajou Densetsu II goes live, I’ve uploaded some casual playthroughs of this rhythm game made by the developer behind Project Diva series, Sega. Take a note that I didn’t made any commentaries for these videos but sooner I’ll do it live. By the way, I chose “Sweet Bitter Beauty Song” with Hard difficulty.

Bass (Mio) & Drums (Ritsu):

Rhythm Guitar (Asuza)

I like the way they emphasize specific instruments for each character in each songs.

So that’s that I guess, but on the other hand….

Nintendo just announced a new entry-level handheld gaming device called Nintendo 2DS. If calculated by mathematical equation or algebraic expression I should say, it’s 3DS-1DS. Do you want to know why subtracted with 1DS?

1DS represents 1 dimension. So assuming that 3DS is 3 dimension. After it decreased by a dimension, it’ll become 2DS which is pretty much 2 dimension.

If you still don’t get it, just forget my crazy thoughts & let’s put it simple LOL. Alright, this is not a brand new console but it’s a 3DS device without stereoscopic 3D feature. You can still play any 3DS games as well as DS but no 3D effect capabilities, only if you don’t really mind about it. The other features remain same as the original 3DS.

The most weird part is the design. For some reason, it reminds me of those older handheld gaming console like Sega Game Gear & Atari Lynx for example. I’m sorry to say but it does look like a kid’s lunchbox LOL! I dunno why I think like that but that slate form factor looks kinda bizarre to me, for a portable console at least. While thinking again about it, you don’t have to worry about breaking the hinge & screen-folding again which is pretty much have a possibility of your 3DS screen to break due to that impact, so this is a good thing about the new device.

If you don’t care about the design look & feel and the 3D capabilities, this one is for you at a price of $130, cheaper than original 3DS & XL ones. This is a great opportunity to buy this device because it will be released on the same day as Pokemon X and Y! This is what we call marketing strategy right? =)


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