INFONOCHIKARA’s New Content -Live Playthroughs-

I’m also thought that I should do & contribute something to keep this blog alive. So yeah, live playthrough is the fun thing to do. With that, I can voice out my impressions & reactions of the certain game that I’ve played. Plus, I can give some further details about the game and perhaps off-topic LOL.

Before this, I performed a couple of recording test runs with different game emulators & software recording tools. I used Movavi Screen Capture for a while but no voice recording so it sucks. I found this open-source software called Open Broadcasting Software and yeah it can record voice as well. So I decided to use this one for my future playthroughs. I can only record all of these around 360p-480p resolution. My lappy isn’t high-end at all so if I record these in HD while playing at the same time, it’ll eat up my CPU causing game freeze & framerate drops.

And here’s a glimpse of my live playthroughs. Full playthrough of it coming soon! I’m new to this thing, so you can hear my ‘boringly’ commentary LOL but maybe several times later I’ll get used to it. ^^’

I wanted to do this casually so I don’t wanna rush everything only to record and upload the videos. I can do this whenever I wanted to & take it easy until the end. So stay tuned to this blog and also subscribe my YouTube channel & follow my Twitter now for more updates!

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