Finishing up DS2A & Gargantia -An Apology Note-

First of all, I’m truly sorry about my inactivity before. There are some things, I mean a lot of things happened. Since I’ve just finished my diploma studies about last month, I’m too busy prepping some things, like taking language preparation exam. In case of my country it’s MUET (Malaysian University English Test) that will be vital for me to study further into bachelor level around this country.

Good thing is I got 3.5 for my CGPA. Since then I have some chance to study further in overseas & I prefer Japan. So I have to self-study Japanese & will take the MEXT scholarship exam. That’s why I have to get out of this comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean that I stop doing fun things like blogging, playing games, etc. Each people want entertainment too right? Plus, I was also busy celebrating with my family members & my friends during the Eid festive season in the past 2 weeks and so it did prolong my inactivity, until now.

So again, I’m deeply sorry again about all of this thingy. But let’s move that aside for now haha… For now, I just finished the final 2 episodes of Gargantia & Devil Survivor 2 that ended long time ago. I don’t even want to do any Summer 2013 anime right now so I can relax for a while but I’m still doing the ongoing Railgun S & Titan anime. Damn, there are about 9 Railgun episodes & 6 Titan episodes to re-encode for, so better late than never…

DS2A: Ep 12 | Ep 13 | Minitheatre Batch
Gargantia: Ep 12 | Ep 13 | Minitheatre Batch

Reviews? No time for that but all I can say is:

Gargantia was pretty much a good Ghibli-like anime but with a darker plot but for DS2A I have to say, playing the original game is the best thing to enjoy the story and plot. This one was totally a bad adaptation. I hope the upcoming Persona 3 movie doesn’t share the same fate as this one.


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