[fshah-ifc] DeSu2 - 04 [DDF999F8].mkv_snapshot_12.29_[2013.04.28_21.01.20]#4: Monday’s Turmoil, Part III (Mirrorcreator | MT -blacker’s shared listing-)
#2 (ver. 2): Monday’s Turmoil, Part I (Mirrorcreator)

V2 NOTE: Ep 2 now has been v2ed. The episode title has been changed to follow the title of 2 eps onwards, and also some terminology corrections.

Time to take down Merak, the 2nd Septentrion. To be honest, the plot has turned out pretty different from the game because I think they want to achieve an anime original ending though. But so far, it’s still good to me. I thought that person was the next one to be killed but nu’uh, that person still survived though. To be honest, I’m almost get mad of it because there’s no death clip of that person being shown there, so that seems out of plot logic anyway.

And I don’t even remember Ronaldo being a JP’s member before…


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