Little Busters! 「リトルバスターズ!」 Ep 25

[fshah-ifc] Litbus - 25 [FF42CCD5].mkv_snapshot_18.16_[2013.04.04_18.19.44]#25: The Last Member (Mirrorcreator | MT -cooldrake’s shared listing-)

I’m very & truly sorry for the delayed posts & releases because too busy preparing to face the final exams starting next week.

Anyway, this is my personal favorite episode of the series. Really love how Kengo really determined that he’s still useful although he’s suffering his injuries. Final episode will be aired this Sunday, so the current season of the series will be concluded with Little Busters’ baseball match.

P.S.: Really hope that the next season will cover all the Ecstasy & Refrain routes and also the change of animation studio, although it has a very small possibility though. Anyway, happy 555th post of this blog.


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