Tamako Market 「たまこまーけっと」 Ep 9

Tamako Market Ep 9 - Singing a Love Song.mkv_snapshot_23.14_[2013.03.09_06.58.59]#9: Singing a Love Song (Mirrorcreator)

This episode is so awesome because of Tamako’s dad coolness during his young age. I wonder what happened to his wife back then. Great episode with another further story about Anko & Mochizou.

But the main point of this episode is:

This is a CM from this week’s episode. So, everyone gonna say “Is this a new anime?”, but actually it’s just a CM to promote their company, Kyoto Animation while its subsidiary, Animation DO produced the CM, so hopefully it will become an anime soon. Ironically, it’s almost reaching at about 750,000 views in just 3 days! That’s because of the power of fujoshi that came from this video. To be honest, I kept hitting the replay button because I really like the catchy music. If it reaches a million views, then it might becoming another viral video on YouTube.


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