Gintama 「銀魂」 Ep 261 -Ikkoku Keisei Arc END-

[fshah-ifc] Gin - 261 [E776E1DF].mkv_snapshot_18.51_[2013.02.08_19.30.47]#261: Unsetting Moon (Mirrorcreator | MT)

This is becoming one of the best & my favorite arc after the Jirocho/Four Devas arc & Yoshiwara in Flames arc. The things I like about this arc are the epic fight between Gin & Oboro, the balance between the comedy & serious part and the intriguing plot. Nice arc closure here, the ending was a bit emotional & Takasugi again as a cameo character, came to clean up the mess. The most refreshing part in this episode was Kick the Can part, wkwkwkwk. Looking forward to the next arc, hopefully it will be deeper than this one.

Next week might be rerun episodes again, so I think it’s better to give the manga author some time to make some new chapters so the producers will get enough materials to adapt those into new episodes.


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