Saturday Anime Releases!

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 「ささみさん@がんばらない」

[fshah-ifc] Sasasan - 03 [9196B5C7].mkv_snapshot_22.01_[2013.01.26_21.46.12]#3: You Work, You Lose (Mirrorcreator | MT -shared listing with closed_21-)


[fshah-ifc] PsyPass - 14 [6EF701F1].mkv_snapshot_19.17_[2013.01.26_13.24.30]#14: Sweet Poison (Mirrorcreator)

Robotics;Notes 「ロボティクス・ノーツ」

[fshah-ifc] RoboNotes - 14 [3412FEBC].mkv_snapshot_16.30_[2013.01.26_13.28.22]#14: Listen to my story like this… (Mirrorcreator)

1st part: I’m glad to find out her back stories. And finally she’s able to get out from the house with her own foot. Tilting heads = SHAFT’s trademark…

2nd part: I hope our citizens doesn’t behave like the heartless people who just stand & watching the gruesome scene like nothing happened. Anyway, chasing scene was great and the musics have improved much.

3rd part: It’s world domination for robots! Kai & Frau will save the day, but someone didn’t agree about the scene afterwards. That was a lovely scene, so I’ve agreed. Now then, Kai x Aki anyone? And about that picture, it’s time for GINGA BISHONEN!!


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