Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 「ささみさん@がんばらない」 Ep 2

[fshah-ifc] Sasasan - 02 [207285C9].mkv_snapshot_13.09_[2013.01.20_07.56.45]#2: Home Security Guard (Mirrorcreator | MT -share listing with closed_21-)
New link for #1 (Mirrorcreator)

Here’s more randomness & finally we learned a bit about the terminologies. So I should call her brother a male version of Haruhi Suzumiya.

I am using Mirrorcreator back as a default download mirroring service since ExoShare had many issues *sigh*, and yeah I will re-upload the episodes that were previously uploaded on ExoShare. Now, 4 new download mirrors have added totaling 10 mirrors available for download.


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