Tamako Market 「たまこまーけっと」 Episode Debut

Tamako Market Ep 1.mkv_snapshot_04.14_[2013.01.11_16.02.10]#1: She’s the Cute Daughter of a Mochi Maker (ExoShare | Mirrorcreator -v2 updated-)

This is a new all-age original anime made by the team behind the anime adaptation of K-ON!, and of course produced by Kyoto Animation. I had talked about this anime before.

This anime is not only about Tamako’s life making mochis or rice cakes, but it’s about a bird that came from nowhere. I don’t get it how & why it’s there, but the bird mentioned about its journey to find ‘the prince’s bride’. Is this some kind of fairy tale story?

The bird kinda funny but sometimes pretty annoying to be honest. But anyway, I enjoyed this episode. I’ll keep watching this anime, since this is KyoAni’s show.

V2 Note: The bird’s official name is actually Dela Mochimazzi. Mazui made that name to be heard like Dera Mochimazui, where ‘mochi mazui’ literally means ‘bad tasting mochi‘. That’s why the fansubber made the name to be Dera Mochiyucky, that was a bad joke right? And the supposed Mochiumai (literally means ‘good tasting mochi‘) changed into Mochiyummy, since the fansubber like to make the subtitles to be pure English but actually some people don’t get it all. So, I made those changes again to fit with the original ones.


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