Kokoro Connect 「ココロコネクト」 Ep 14 (Michi Random Start)

[fshah]kokoro14.mkv_snapshot_08.52_[2013.01.02_01.46.39]#14: Lives in Shambles (Mirrorcreator | MT)

One arc that contains 4 episodes aired on TV straight away in a day, during New Year’s Eve!

This phenomenon seems interesting, emotion transmission which will ‘transmit’ the person’s hidden feelings into someone’s mind. This arc mainly focused on Iori, Inaba & Taichi, so what are Iori’s hidden feelings that we’re so curious for? Even she keeps bugging herself about her true self. (Insert Persona 4 reference here)

Still working out with the remaining 3 episodes. So, let the drama begin!

1 day late, but akemashite omedetou & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 guys!


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