Not enough with the upcoming anime series Shingeki no Kyojin this spring? Here’s the another anticipated anime for the season, DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 now in full motion anime! Wow, actually I didn’t expect this one to come. I was pretty shocked when I found out the announcement about the anime adaptation of Atlus’ Nintendo DS title by the same name 2 weeks ago. And here it is, the first official PV by Pony Canyon, the company that also brought Shingeki no Kyojin anime adaptation.

By looking at the PV, the character designs, the settings, all of these seem very faithful to the game itself so that was a good thing to do. I am really glad that I’m finally able to enjoy the series which everything moves rather than the visual novel-like scene as seen in the game. But one thing that made me worry, how they will manage the series with branching plots & endings?

Here’s a bit info about the production team:
Director: Seiji Kishi (returning director from P4 the ANIMATION)
Assistant Director: Yoshimichi Hirai
Script: Makoto Uezu
Music: Kotaro Nagakawa (composer of Code Geass TV anime)
Animation studio: Bridge

I had made my previous posts regarding the game itself right here & here.

Source: ANN
Official site (JP):

P.S: The first Persona 3 movie also coming next year (2013)!

©Index Corporation/DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 the ANIMATION Production Committee


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