Little Busters! 「リトルバスターズ!」 Ep 12

[fshah]litbus12.mkv_snapshot_02.37_[2012.12.26_22.04.17]#12: A Blue World, Stretching on to Eternity (Mirrorcreator | MT -shared listing with cooldrake-)

The seagull
wonder if she is sad
left alone without being touched
by the blue of the sky
or the blue of the sea

We’re now on to Mio’s route/arc. Love that tanka gag in this episode. Um, if the pacing gets rushed again, this might sounds not true at all but I’m really hoping that KyoAni will be doing another remake of this series just like the studio did to Kanon.

The first Kanon anime was animated by Toei Animation in 2002 & it was criticized for it’s lack of art, animation & the pacing which contains 13 episodes, comparing with the remake ones which consists of 24 episodes. It’s not that bad yet still a decent anime but since the remake came out back in 2006, everyone prefers the ones which had a better art, animation & also a nice pacing.

A friendly reminder: Little Busters! will be on hiatus until Jan 6 due to this coming New Year week.


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