Persona 4 Golden: Hands-On Impressions

PS Vita LiveArea loading screen

Persona 4 gets gold! Well, I think it’s mocking The Legend of Zelda since its theme is gold in the first place.

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I’ve just passed Yukiko’s stage. After I’ve done exploring the new features in P4G, I was feel like WOW! Lots of content packed in a single tiny handheld game card & there’s more to unlock! That’s why the review scores from the professional critics are pretty high. Atlus did really emphasized the new contents for this classic PS2 game remake.

There are so much things to do in this game. More quests, more social links, explore during night time, more activities, and even more additional stories & cutscenes. This game is like a director’s cut for the original P4. Also, the battle mechanics have been revised & rebalanced again so that’ll make us winning the battle easily.

Velvet Room gets new features too. Now you can fuse Personas using the Search function pretty much like Demon Fusion in Devil Survivor series. You can also put some skills according to your preferences before the fusion, also much like Devil Survivor. So there’s a lot of DS mechanics integrated in this game. Oh, Skill Cards also available here so if you’re familiar with Persona 3 Portable, then you did probably familiar with this mechanic.

TV Listings is also one of the main highlights from this game. Here, you can listen in-game musics, watch cutscenes & videos, take part in Teddie’s quiz show, listen to Edogawa’s lectures & more!

The English voice actors in this game remain unchanged except for Chie & Teddie. To be honest, Chie’s new voice acting seems too cheesy. I’ll get used to it later but I prefer the old ones.

Read the rest of P4G’s gameplay changes here.

In a nutshell, Persona 4 Golden is a must-buy game for Persona fans & even for RPG fans… Not enough? It’s for the gamers around the world. No doubt this game will be PS Vita system seller. Experience this game with over 100+ hours of gameplay, if you love exploring new things.


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