「K」 Ep 6 (and Gintama re-runs)

#6: Karma (Mirrorcreator | MT -shared listing with nusaf-)

Oh crap! I smelled some onions around me… Yuuki Kaji’s really good at singing. Nothing much happened here, only some flashbacks about Mikoto’s close pal. I feel sorry for him though.

About the Gintama reruns, it doesn’t look like a remastered HD version. Yeah, I know there’s the new OP and ED song that were used in Kintama’s arc, but the producer (Sunrise & TV Tokyo) reused the old 4:3 source plus with the border on the both side of the screen just to make it more like 16:9 definition. And each week’s episode is so random. Last week was 136, and this week is 119.

Regarding the situation, I’m sorry to say but now I will not re-encoding those reruns. I will do it only for the new episodes. So bear with it. 😦


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