Fall 2012 noitaminA Anime Debut


#1: Crime Coefficient (Mirrorcreator)

Wow! This anime gives me goosebumps. So it’s true that the guns, Dominator have an important part in this series. The terminologies here explained well. It gives some sort of cyberpunk vibes, remember Ghost in the Shell? The protagonist, Shinya Kougami’s personality almost resemble with Kiritsugu Emiya’s from Fate/Zero to be honest, since both series is written by the same person, Gen Urobuchi. Speaking of Gen, it seems he likes to add blood & gore effect like he did in Fate/Zero. As a result this anime is rated M. The music here is top-notch, the OP song at the beginning of the episode fit well with the fighting part. The most important part in musics, the all new ED song by EGOIST (a.k.a supercell feat. Chelly). The single is said to be released this December. Episode rated 9/10. Exquisite!

Robotics;Notes 「ロボティクス・ノーツ」

#1: Because Ganvarel’s waiting (Mirrorcreator)

Took place in Steins;Gate true end timeline, this anime looks interesting although it’s not as dark as S;G. It’s all about the Gundam-like mecha being constructed by Robotics Club members for the coming robotics expo. Try to think about it, is it possible to develop real robots like the Gundam mechas in the real world? Anyway, this episode seems pretty slow, but I think it occurred to Steins;Gate as well. So, I guess I’ll look forward to the coming episodes. Hope this will keep the pace as S;G. OP & ED are good. The augmented reality app in Kaito’s tablet PC seems pretty neat & fun. I really hope this kind of app will be available for Android & iOS platforms in the future, not to forget the PS Vita…. And we found someone who behave like Okabe-san. FUUWAHAHAHA! Sorry, wrong anime.

FYI, both anime are animated by Production I.G, the studio which dominated this season’s noitaminA timeblock.


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