Sudden delay… (NOT ANYMORE)

Well, looks like my laptop has been sent to the service center for repairs. The reason is I can’t turn on my laptop when the power button is pressed but for some reason, sometimes it can be turned on but no display output, everything’s black but the internal hardwares; motherboard, speakers, DVD writer, keyboard seems fine. I can even hear the Windows startup sound. Maybe it’s related to the power problem. No battery problem though, because when I remove the battery & connect the adapter, the result still same.

Anyway, I am using my netbook as temporary replacement, but it has no capabilities of encoding & decoding HD videos. Even if I try to re-encode animes there, it’s freakin’ slow, even snails can go faster than that.

Enough blabbering for now. Unfortunately, I have to suspend all re-encode tasks for now until further notice. The repairs might took around 2-4 weeks, so if the repairs finished quickly, I’ll try to catch the schedule again. And gahhh,  final exam is just around the corner….

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, guys…. 😦

UPDATE: The person in charge contacted me just now, and it seems the problem can be solved for now right here. ( I have to observe my laptop at least around 3 days whether it is working fine. But anyway, that’s a good news to hear & I’m glad to resume the re-encoding task ASAP. Thank goodness, I saved up $100 for the repairs; the cost of the brand new motherboard.


2 thoughts on “Sudden delay… (NOT ANYMORE)

  1. mmm…. you already done it …..It call Hard reset power coz it motherboard circuit short …..if it still happen like you tried to switch on but the screen goes blank!! just to it …..even it just power button light up but your does not start up…. do it before your send it to repair

    minitheatre member……..

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