Little Busters! 「リトルバスターズ!」 Debut Episode

#1: We’ll Call Ourselves… “Little Busters”! (Mirrorcreator | MT -Shared listing thanks to cooldrake from

MISSION START! Here’s the anime series that you are waiting for! This episode is pretty good, it’s really faithful to the VN counterpart. The soundtracks are also taken from the VN too. Some people were complaining about it though. Hey, KyoAni did the same thing to Clannad wasn’t it? Anyway, good job J.C. Staff. Well, no need to worry about the fate of this anime as long as one of Key’s staff, Jun Maeda who is also involved in the anime production taking care of it.

A bit of UTW-Mazui’s translations were changed in order to be faithful to the English translation of the VN; Fido to Pochi, Melvin to Saito, Oliver Sauce joke added and also Rin’s title from “Godly Lack of Control” to “The Legendary No-con”.

Komari will be joining LB! team next week, so stay tuned!


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