「K」 Ep 1 (The Shortest Title Ever)

#1: Knight (Mirrorcreator | MT -Shared listing, special thanks to MT’s nusaf)

Enough with the veeeeeryyyyy loooooong anime titles lately especially from imouto anime, now presenting you the debut episode of the anime with the shortest title ever. This show is also being simulcasted same time as Japan on Animax Asia. So the whole Asians are so lucky.

The animation looks gorgeous & eye-candy. Character designs looks cool. The camera angle looks nice during the skateboarding scene.  And yeah, every scenes in this episode are already shown in all PVs. So nothing’s new here.

This episode also lacks plot here. I guess this is just an animation style showoff. The thing I did know was the main character having some sort of amnesia and later revealed that he was the bad guy. Well, we might know what’s goin’ on next week. Female audiences might love this show so much, true story…

My apologies about the file size since the animation quality here is over the edge.


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