Kintama 「金魂」 Ep 253 – The Payback

#253: Nobody with Natural Straight Hair Can Be That Bad (Mirrorcreator | MT)

Oh yeah! This series is finally shows all of its golden glory! It’s Kintoki arc time! Ginkgo biloba rulez LOL! Awesomeness over 9000!

Do you still remember the 1st episode of 2011’s Gintama where Shinpachi was being left behind in a ‘different world’ where no one cares about him? Well, this time it’s a payback for Gintoki. Man, I feel sorry for him because his reputation has gone…

Too many Gintoki’s priceless face, especially the ones in the image LOLOLOL!! His eyes gets ‘golden’!

Tomokazu Sugita (Haruhi Suzumiya’s Kyon) as Gintoki, Yuuichi Nakamura (Clannad’s Tomoya, Hyouka’s Houtarou) as Kintoki & Daisuke Sakaguchi (Clannad’s Youhei, Hyouka’s Satoshi) as Shinpachi. These seiyuus are also the persons who worked for the KyoAni anime series as mentioned in the brackets. So much win here!

Note: Since all of the last seasons’ Gintama download links are dead, I’m planning to reupload all of these episodes again. Uploading 51 episodes are pain in the ass, so this might be slower than usual. Be patient…


5 thoughts on “Kintama 「金魂」 Ep 253 – The Payback

  1. Finally! Thanks.
    Btw, I have your mirror links for your previous season of Gintama… but on MF (set as private, that’s why they’re not get deleted). If you need, I can send you the links (but I guess you won’t use MF again, right?)

    • wow, you have them? then i need it very much. it’s okay if those links are from MF. i can leech these links and then try to remote upload to mirrorcreator. thanks very much & i really appreciate it! ^-^b

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