Tanjoubi omedetou! (誕生日おめでとう!) Happy 5th birthday to Miku, or I should say the 5th release anniversary of Vocaloid’s Hatsune Miku voice synthesizing software, although her age is virtually 16 forever.

The software inspired many artists & composers to express their feelings & confessions by creating a song using Miku’s voice, then it’ll be uploaded to a video sharing site especially Nico Nico Douga.

Miku’s popularity also contributed the ‘birth’ of another Vocaloid voice banks, Kagamine Rin/Len and Megurine Luka. Also not to forget to Kaito’s & Meiko’s popularity that contributed Miku’s release.

A big thanks to Crypton Future Media Inc for producing this magnificent software.

Here’s a birthday video made exclusively for Miku:

Still, I’m waiting for -Project Diva- f HK import to arrive at the game shop because it’s cheaper than JP ones.



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