Kokoro Connect 「ココロコネクト」 Ep 8

#8: And Then There Were None (Mirrorcreator | MT)

IMO, class rep is the best supporting character in this series. When something bad happens, she’s always try to cool things down.

Speaking of CRC which stands for Cultural Research Club in this series, the first thing that came out from my mind was a computer term also called CRC, but it’s “cyclic redundancy check” [computer whiz time…], which is one of the method used in error checking, like some kind of checksum. Like nowadays, fansubbers put the CRC code in the square bracket of each file name to ensure that people are downloading the right one, so they can check the file originality using the code given.

If you downloaded compressed files that were split into parts (except a file that was split using a software like HJSplit), one of them might have CRC error (I think due to network interference during download process). As a result the files that extracted might be unusable.

So be careful because if you downloaded a bunch of 5GB+ compressed file parts and one of them has CRC error, all your hard work and efforts are now destroyed….


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