Kokoro Connect 「ココロコネクト」 (Kizu Random) Ep 6

#6: Before We Knew It, It Had Already Started Again (Mirrorcreator | GlumboUploads | MT)

Previously we had done with Hito Random (ヒトランダム), so the following arc which is Kizu Random (キズランダム) is now kicked-off.

As we all already knew, the previous arc mainly focused on the body switching phenomenon. Now here’s another problem, it’s not body switch anymore but it’s a new kind of syndrome what-so-called “desire unleashing”.

Judging at the new ED sequence, looks like Inaba is the main highlight here. The last one was Iori.

This episode is a ‘perfect start’ for the new arc, dat Inaban…

Definitely, it’s one of my favorite anime of the season!


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