TARI TARI 5 & Hyouka 「氷菓」 15

#5: Throwing Away and Holding On (JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | MT)

#15: The Juumonji Incident (JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | MT)

I’ve decided to change TARI TARI’s episode title translation, just referring to Wikipedia. For me I think Doki’s translation which is “[something], [something], and…” sounds like a sentence that was left incomplete.


3 thoughts on “TARI TARI 5 & Hyouka 「氷菓」 15

  1. Ei, it’s me again, sorry for the inconvenience, now the problem is that I can’t download Hyouka 15 from Jumbo (again), and Glumbo is being blocked by my server, so if you’re not busy, mind uploading it again. Sorry and Thanks so much!!!

    • link fixed. to be honest, i’m pretty don’t like reuploading things over & over again, but next time when you saw that kind of message again on jumbofiles, you have to wait for another time. maybe it’s because the server that stores the file is currently on maintenance.

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