Natsuyuki Rendezvous 「夏雪ランデブー」 & Koi Choco 「恋チョコ」 Ep 4

#4: JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | MT

Alert! Dirty joke ahead! And the ghost guy is now reincarnated.

#4: Funding! (JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | MT)

The club members are going overactive lately. The real deal has just begun.

Just play the VN if you want to see the original Isara scene badly…


2 thoughts on “Natsuyuki Rendezvous 「夏雪ランデブー」 & Koi Choco 「恋チョコ」 Ep 4

  1. ei, can you please re-upload this in jumbofiles. It says that the file is currently unavailable, and I can’t download from GlumboUploads, so if in any case, please re-upload it. Thanks!!! Good encodes by the way!!!

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