K-ON! the Movie miniHD

That face was priceless! Gotta admit it. ROFLMAO!

OK, the wait is finally over! Man, it’s been 7 months since the movie premiere. This is what-so-called another Kyoto Animation‘s masterpiece finally released for home entertainment.

I watched this one for a whole night & I think I wanna do another movie marathon again.

Time for my review:-

Story (7.3/10)
This movie is an interquel between 23rd & 24th episode of the 2nd season anime series. It’s actually focusing on the graduation trip to London in England, the country where Rick Astley was born, planned by Light Music Club members. They are also thinking of a present to give to Azusa before they graduate.

So the depth of the story is not the main thing here. With so much funny moments & humorous acts throughout the movie, it’s surely rise up the expectation of K-ON! fans, thus made the movie itself more entertaining. Also, the K-ON!!’s 24th episode was rebooted into this movie with new epilogue, which is some kind of director’s cut.

Animation, Art & Design (9/10)
We’re talking about Kyoto Animation’s production here, so the animation quality is top-notch. Character designs are pretty moe & kawaii. The art & settings around London are beautifully designed. I informed that the production staff conducted the location-scouting around London to make sure the landmarks are accurate when the movie is produced.

Music/Audio (A Perfect 10)
As usual, K-ON! franchise is all about music. It has spawned many singles, mini albums, character image songs, OSTs, etc. Many notable songs, totaling 10 included in this movie such as Fuwa Fuwa Time, U&I and Gohan wa Okazu. Among all of these songs, Singing!, the ED is the coolest one. The clip, the song, I love it so much! Every K-ON! ED song are always top-notch!

Overall (8.8/10)
This movie is described as a special edition for the loyal K-ON! fans. For newcomers, watching the both seasons of K-ON! are recommended, but it’s OK if you want to watch this first. The musics are much addicting that you wanna listen to it again. This one surely not blow out your mind, but it’s more entertaining! Will looking forward to the next season hopefully.


Download folder: JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | MT

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Original source credits to CoalGuys.

EDIT: I mentioned Rick Astley earlier, so you’ve been rickrolled! To rickroll you even more, here’s the video made by someone, a Rick Astley x K-ON! tribute video.


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