Kokoro Connect 「ココロコネクト」 Episode Debut

Set in the alternate universe of K-ON!, there are five high school students… Nah, just kidding.

Y’know why I mentioned K-ON! here? Because the character designs in this one are identical to the ones from K-ON!. So the original designer for both anime were done by a same person, Yukiko Horiguchi a.k.a Shiromizakana. And looks like Yui from K-ON! just switched from her body to Iori Nagase’s LOLZ.

For me switching body is some kind of weird concept. It might be sounds ‘fun’ but for me… I’m a man, so why I should be a girl anyway? I’m afraid that my personality will be screwed up. Aww, nightmares…

Everything here are almost same as K-ON! had: School uniform, the way greet someone, dat face expression, dat hairstyle… I think this is more of K-ON! but this time no music related & now with male characters.

Anyway, nice episode debut!

#1: Before We Knew It, It Had Already Started (MF | JumboFiles | MT)


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