Sankarea 「さんかれあ」 OVA Ep 0

As stated in the episode preview of the last week’s episode, no new Sankarea episode this week. But no need to be sad, because on 6th June a DVD containing an OVA episode of the series was released along with the 6th volume of the manga. I know you’ll be lonely without Sankarea for a week, so I managed to make it available this week.

This is a prologue episode, which took place 7 months before the main event of the series. It’s entirely about how Furuya found out the resurrection method as we all already knew at the beginning of the series. Also hinting how his mother died. There’s some Sanka screen time too, but she’s still a human being during that time.

Please be aware that this one contains a bit of “CERO D”-like or maybe “Z” rated scenes, you’ve been forewarned. And this video is a 72op upscaled version from the original 480p. Since this is a DVD release, don’t expect the HD quality here.

#0 – This… “Fate” Thing… (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)


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