AFAMY 2012 Highlights – Video Footage + Merchandise Unpacking

That event was full of awesomeness! Looking forward to it next year, hopefully. FYI, this is an AFA event that held for the first time outside Singapore, which is the regular venue of the event since its debut back in 2008. I managed to catch the happenings altogether in a video made by me, covers all aspects of the event on both days. I didn’t managed to attend the concert, so my apologies. Any media capturing during the concert was prohibited anyway…

The event itself would not be perfect without goodies & stuffs. So I managed to get my picks. One of the things that I bought was the Moekana, a basic hiragana learning cards made by Danny Choo, the famous J-Pop culture blogger & host of Culture Japan. It’s just like the other trading cards, only the difference is its function as a learning card. Here’s my unpacking video of the merchandise.

This is the first video I made with a commentary audio. My voice seems a bit weird isn’t it? And my English pronunciation still a bit off, probably… 😛

Moekana consists of the basic hiragana characters together with the illustrations featuring Culture Japan mascot character, Mirai Suenaga that were made by Ikkyuu, helps you to bright up your vision. Moekana is now received well by all ages recently. Last time, the first round of preorders was sold out.

With Moekana, you can play many types of games. You can refer to the official Moekana site here. Fun learning with Moekana!

Here’s a snap of Danny Choo, together with me holding the Moekanas. Really appreciate the work.

He announced that a new learning card, called Moekanji consists of kanji characters is currently in production right now. Gonna grab it when it comes out!

More AFAMY video highlights coming soon…


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