Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 Ep 9 miniHD

#9 – To Win (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

The continuation of semi-finals of the preliminary match. Glad to see the other senior players joined in for some basketball action.

For those who keep bugging me for Persona 4 Blu-ray release, it seems that Coalgirls is still not done with these yet. Don’t know whether they’re still sleeping with the fishes again or not, so ask them for it. The Vol.7 bonus CD will be available soon.

Coming up next in a few hours is Hyouka, with some onsen mystery & the main dish of the element, a bit fanservice…

Now I’m pretty excited & waiting for Nintendo’s biggest announcement at E3 2012! Watch the live event below that will begin soon! New Zelda game? Or Mario? Or maybe new Metroid series because it’s been 2 years since their latest release.


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