KIDS ON THE SLOPE 「坂道のアポロン」 Ep 7 miniHD

#7 – Now’s the time (MF | JumboFiles | GlumboUploads | UPLOADBAZ | MT)

The dawn of rock ‘n roll age, what happened to the jazz? Unfortunately, jazz grows further… Poor the boy with fangs…

I have to say this is the best episode ever! Sentarou & Richie can resolve the conflict again by only a jazz performance. 3 jazz musics combined in the performance! Awesomeness! The last scene of the episode is pretty epic in my opinion, although someone said it’s a BL (boys love) scene. But this is not a usual bishonen series with excessive BL elements, actually this is a josei series created by Yuki Kodama, whom is a woman & it’s aimed to the female audiences. So expect this is a kind of thing that most women like.

Next week’s episode title will be “These foolish things”, looks like another jazz music title. Like last week, no next episode preview posted at the official site. Maybe the next one explains a lot about Jun’s situation.

You can hear out the full music performed by the duos in this episode by getting the OST here!


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