KIDS ON THE SLOPE 「坂道のアポロン」 Ep 3 miniHD

#3 – Someday My Prince Will Come (DDLA | MF | JumboFiles | Minitheatre Listing)

This week’s episode title is based on this jazz song by Bill Evans:

…and the song origin came from the Disney classics, Snow White. Later in 40’s, the song inspired by the jazz performers.

Talking about the episode, that was a quick move by Kaoru to confess his feelings to Ritsuko, and the way he did it was really romantic! But isn’t it too soon, a love confession in the 3rd episode? And finally, a love square formed…

I think this show is better than I expected to be. This might be getting melodramatic someday.

Don’t forget to catch the next week’s episode because Junichi might be performing as a singer for the another jazz song entitled “But not for me”, which will be the next episode title!

If you want the soundtracks, you can get it here.


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