Sankarea 「さんかれあ」 Ep 2 miniHD


#2 – It was… a Success (DDLA | MF | JumboFiles)
#1 – If I… Became… A Zombie (DDLA | MF | JumboFiles)
Minitheatre Listing

I don’t see her as a zombie girl yet, but I think we’ll see it in the next week’s episode probably. And the MF download counter of the 1st episode almost reaching 2k, maybe because of her cuteness.

Lastly, I changed the default fansub from Commie to Eveyuu, a joint group consist of the fansub group EveTaku & the translator from Hiryuu. Apparently the sub quality is better compared to Commie. They included some of the honorifics like “-san”, “-kun” & “-mero”.


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