Robotics;Notes Gets Anime

Well, it’s unlikely to happen that the anime adaptation of the upcoming visual novel game, Robotics;Notes announced before the release date. That was a surprise isn’t it?

Anyway, the anime version of the 3rd Science Adventure series by Nitroplus & 5pb. will be premiered on Fuji TV’s noitaminA timeblock this October & studio Production I.G will take the role in the anime production. The series is described as “Augmented Science Adventure.” More interesting, the events is set in the world line 1.048596% measured by Divergence Meter, which is Steins;Gate‘s True End timeline, but unfortunately this is not the sequel.

Robotics;Notes is all about the augmented reality technology, robot development & computer programming which are my thing. I read the story synopsis & it’s Real Steel-like story bits, only it has some science-related element & doesn’t have to do anything with the robot fighting sports. Steins;Gate series was nicely done so the fans including me were impressed. But I’m hoping that the anime will not fail like the Chaos;HEAd anime version.

Most of the staff from Steins;Gate game will be reprising the roles for this game. All the characters in this game are rendered in 3D so the game looks eye-candy. To be released for PS3/X360 on June 28. No news about the PC version yet. Man, I wanna play it, no need to wait for anime.

Trailer of the series:

Nae Tennouji, “Mr Braun’s” daughter from Steins;Gate will be appear in this series as the adult version working as a young researcher at Japan’s JAXA space agency. Her look seems different because huke of supercell did not involve in this series. Don’t worry, she’s not the time travel killer anymore…


Official site (JP):

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