KIDS ON THE SLOPE 「坂道のアポロン」 Ep 1 miniHD

This show is too good IMO. I have high expectations from the director Shinichiro Watanabe, and he did it again! For example a little fight with jazz music playing in the background, which reminds me of some sort of action scenes from his previous work, Cowboy Bebop.

Very fluid animation during the scene where Sentarou playing drums. And that drum roll was reeeeaaaaaaaaaalllyyy nice, jazz music this season is top notch! OP & ED are at awesomeness level! I knew it, Yoko Kanno really suits well with this anime genre! If you watched Cowboy Bebop, you must watch this too! Probably to be the anime of the season!

A perfect masterpiece 5/5 for this episode!

#1 – Moanin’ (DDLA | MF | JumboFiles | Minitheatre listing)

FYI, the episode title is originally based on the jazz song performed by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers as heard in the 2nd PV & also from this episode.


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