Song of the Week 2nd Half (Wed 11/04/12)

A song that can be easily recognized by someone who watched “Angel Beats!“, this is 「My Soul, Your Beats!」 which is the opening song for the anime!

Lyrics & Composition: Jun Maeda (full lyrics)

Performed by: Lia

This is the original ones, but I prefer the rock ver. that performed by Yui of “Girls Dead Monster” that used as the OP for the 4th episode.

Performed by: LiSA (as Yui’s vocals)

I like “Angel Beats!” series as much as the other Key’s visual novel & anime, it really have some sort of touching story elements. And I also really happy that “Little Busters!” also getting adapted into an anime this summer! Thanks to Jun Maeda for the greatness of the song!


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