Persona4 the ANIMATION Vol.5: The Copycat Murderer Chapter (Ep 11-12) miniHD + NEW AMV

#11 – Catch Me If You Can
#12 – It’s Not Empty At All
Batch Folder

Here are the 2 more episodes that conclude the first half of the series. Also, one of the “Reincarnation” OSTs included in the fight scenes from the 12th episode to make it more epic. My 1st AMV also used the same track.

And here you go, my 2nd AMV uploaded yesterday! This time it’s a character AMV. So, I did Kanji’s first. I used “Time for True Revelation” song from the P4OST Vol.2 as the character BGM because it suits well with his personality, it made him more manly. I like the drum part, feels catchy. Lyrics for this song also available. All you have to do is just enable the Closed Captioning (CC) button on the YouTube player and voila! Rise Up & Put Them Up Right NOW!!


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