Sankarea 「さんかれあ」 Ep 1 miniHD

#1 Title: If I… Became… A Zombie (DDLA | MF | JumboFiles | Minitheatre listing)

This is my first re-encoded spring anime before the 3 other titles that need to be done. This series is somehow ‘unique’. Everyone including me want a beautiful yet cutie girls (she must be dependable too…). But this guy in this show really obsessed & fell in love with zombie girls. This guy seems trolling around, isn’t it?

But here we have a kawaii high school girl named Sanka Rea, not sure she is the one who is a zombie girl because I hadn’t read the manga yet, need to give it a try. It seems the animation was a bit SHAFTed although it is done by Studio DEEN, but so far this episode was good enough.


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